I read Dying of Whiteness during the Christmas Holidays. The story-telling is wonderful and it’s organized in a way that is engaging.  He’s a doctor as well as a sociologist. It’s about how racial resentment has shaped public policies regarding the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion refusal in TN, gun restriction roll back in Missouri, and huge tax cuts in Kansas that ruined public schools. It’s not about individual racism. The results of the extensive research was that the policies led to more sickness, misery, and deaths for white people. In fact our life expectancy as a nation has gone down 3 years in a row. The research is impressive. But It’s incredibly depressing because the human need to belong and have an identity, along with the way guns, health, and school funding relate to racial anxiety-all of it is so deep-seated and easily exploited by the powerful. The payoff is too great for the greedy who get richer each day from stirring up darkness and fear. Ultimately, it’s about conversations white people need to have with other white people. Right now, I don’t see that going well. It’s possible to share this book with conservative minded person who is more on the fringe of the Trump supporters of his or her peer group. They might be open to it and even read it. Like a lot of things, folks in the cult aren’t interested.