I watch Bill Maher every week and like most people, I find it entertaining, interesting, and yet infuriating at times. But this clip hit it right on the mark.



Other News….

All these fellas are melting down out of jealousy that Greta on her boat gets more attention than their podcasts of ‘edgy’ content that has only 5 followers, 2 of which are family members. They say Greta is, “unwell” “irrational” & “mentally ill.” Every women that has ever broken up with a man or has called abuse what it actually is has been called “psycho.” Sigh. It’s a reboot of every woman’s experience like everywhere. Right wingers go, “Here’s the plan. Let’s call her nuts because conservation is girly. ” Rinse and repeat. Nothing to see here. Carry on Greta.

Maya Rudolf as Kamala Harris!