I prefer Elizabeth Warren but I like to spread the word on what Bernie says, because his message is clear and consistent and whomever is in the White House, should adhere to the basic truths proclaimed throughout his campaign.

Bernie Sanders on Twitter Sept. 14, 2019. @BernieSanders

“One of the reasons I fight for Medicare for All is because I believe we all share a common humanity. If your family is in pain, so is mine. If your kids are hurting, that affects me as well. We are a better nation than one that simply leaves the poor, sick and unlucky to die.”

“Jeff Bezos is worth over $110 billion. Amazon pays $0 in federal income taxes. Yet Bezos just cut health care for 2,000 part-time Whole Food workers. That is what unfettered greed looks like. We’re going to make the wealthy pay their fair share and guarantee health care to all.”