Let me Break Down this Conversation for You


AOC & The Squad & Democrats: There are migrant children who are dirty, hungry, cold, and lonely in our detention centers. They don’t know where their parents are. This is abuse. The administration lied about family separations. People have a right to claim asylum. We have photos, video tape, and testimonies on the record.

GOP: THEY’RE ILLEGALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AOC: The detention centers are concentration camps.

Historians: Indeed, they are concentration camps.

GOP: You owe US an apology! How dare you! No one is being gassed! Say you’re sorry to Jews with family members who were gassed by THOSE people, not us. American Exceptionalism!

Mike Pence: (Stares)

Lindsay Graham: I don’t care if you lock em up for 400 days. Criminals!


AOC: Nope, concentration camps. Atrocities. Dehumanizing conditions and culture.

The Squad: Under Oath-no soap, no toothpaste, lights on, no sleep, children crying, lawyers back up testimony in media.

GOP: Get out! Sit your black ass down! Omar is a terrorist! Bitches! Go back to your country!

GOP Voters at Rally: Send her Back!

Media: Isn’t this racist? Racially insensitive? Offensive? Racially Offensive? Racially charged?

GOP:  No racist bones here. They’ve been calling us racist for half a century. Self righteous Left-Wing Mob! Love it or Leave it!  Omar married her brother! Socialism!