I read all the time people. I like knowing what’s going on in the world.And, I’m a single parent and a lot times bored AF since I’m with a child like ALL THE TIME.  So when I tell you to look at something, make the time for it because I’ve read a whole lot more than what’s on the list. Plus, I know all of ya’ll are tired and overwhelmed with everything during the turbulent time in history.


  1. Please read this important essay about the inhumanity migrants are experiencing at the border and what it actually means for Americans.  A Crime by Any Name by Adam Serwer  From The Atlantic 


2.  Essay- ‘Some Suburb of Hell’: America’s New Concentration Camp System  by Andrea Pitzer


3. Better Schools Won’t Fix America  by Nick Hanauer from The Atlantic  


4. Politics is Changing; Why Aren’t the Pundits Who Cover it? By Rebecca Traister  (Excellent! )


5. The Root’s 2020 Black Power Rankings By Jason Johnson

I’m suggesting you read more of what Black Writers are reporting about the candidates because black female voters are the backbone of the modern Democratic Party. What is important to them and who they want will tell you more about the shape of the election more than the current cable news punditry, (most of whom are white males.)