During Michael Cohen’s testimony to the House of Representatives, I noticed Rep. Mark Meadows (R) getting angry and his skin turning into a color I like to call Kavanaugh Red, #21.  Is Meadows hormonal?



What’s for dinner? 

If you’re a white American, it’s a statistical fact that you have family members, friends, colleagues, and fellow church members who voted for DJT. You may consider these people generous, caring, and reasonably intelligent. And since they are generous, caring, and smart you may mistakenly believe that if you shared some facts, they would see the error of their ways. Yeah, don’t do that. You can read a science article on climate change aloud. You can give them the actual stats on the number of immigrants entering the country. You can go over all the insults this President has tweeted and the disastrous meetings he’s had with world leaders aloud.  You can go through line by line with video footage to prove a handful of the President’s lies. None of your efforts are going to lead to the words, “I was wrong.” If they conclude they were wrong in supporting DJT, you will never hear about it.

It’s kind of like telling the parents of a grown son going through a divorce that his wife left because he was having an affair with a 25-year-old and beating her and the kids. You can present taped conversations with the mistress and pictures of her bruises. The evidence won’t matter. They will say, “It was both of them.” 

“They’re all liars.” “It’s both parties!” “I had no choice on Election Day.” 

In light of this information, it’s best to consider your blood pressure and talk about other things. Here’s a list of a few conversation starters

  1. Nobody names their sons Herbert anymore
  2. I’ve got a weird thing on my back.
  3. Do you know a good plumber?
  4. I could have danced all night…what musical is that from?
  5. How about those_________! (Insert Dolphins, Ducks, Devils, Wings, Kings, Patriots, Rams, Lambs etc)
  6. How old is Willie Nelson?
  7. I just finished reading_______ (Insert spy novel, mystery, romance, or history before 1960 and skip the Civil War)


Tiny Houses? Nah


The Tiny House thing is not a ‘solution’ for teachers in states with obscenely low salaries & powerful wealth hoarders. You want to teach my kid? Ok but you have to live in a house where your pillow smells like onions.

Yeah it’s pretty, But…..one night of food poisoning in a tiny house= DIVORCE.