President Pussy Grabber is leading the charge to give more red meat to the pussy patrol faction of the GOP. He’s saying NO Abortion Talk Here!

You can read more about it on NPR. But basically, the President has proposed a rule that Planned Parenthood medical professional not be allowed to discuss abortion with patients even if the mother’s life is in jeopardy. In other words, it’s censoring what doctors and nurses can tell women about their own bodies and reproductive care. And they want to withhold funds over this rule. And like most things, it hurts low income women of color the most because they go to Planned Parenthood for healthcare. They also want Planned Parenthood locations to physically separate from their clinics that provide abortion, you know to make things more difficult for women to get what they need and cause financial hardship for Planned Parenthood for daring to help women decide what to do with their bodies.

Michelle Goldberg also addresses this latest attack on women’s reproductive rights.

You can donate to Planned Parenthood here.