Bitch Slap #2. Former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie.


Chris Christie is currently peddling his comeback book called Let Me Finish. He’s been on the late-night shows, the View, and even Real Time with Bill Maher. I have not read his book nor will I unless I stumble across it at the library or someone lends it to me. I’m sure it’s interesting but the issue is more about finances. He doesn’t deserve $1 of my hard-earned money.

Given my political leanings and him being a former Republican presidential candidate and former governor, there are plenty of bones to pick with Chris Christie. He will always have the cloud of BridgeGate even though it was never proven he knew anything about the lane closures. I also don’t like the way he handled education and pension funds in his state. I don’t like that he was once pro-choice and moved further right I’m guessing to please the extreme factions of his party. I don’t like that he vetoed a gay marriage bill in his state before it was settled by the supreme court. However, the main reason he deserves a bitch-slap goes back to his choices in 2016 when he dropped out of the presidential race and was the first major Republican to publicly endorse Donald Trump for President. I will not forget it and neither should you.

One could argue that if Christie didn’t endorse Trump, another person would have been the first one and we would have ended up in the same situation. The speculation isn’t the point. Accountability of the players that bolstered Trump’s chance of winning is the point.  Chris Christie was a legitimately elected governor. By his own admission on the View, he said he has known Trump for a long time. He spoke about the practicality of politics and that “he was going to win,” and he wanted to make him “better.”

And now after two years of this President, we’ve had the chaos, the petty fights with private citizens, corruption, embarrassing international fiascos, the misogyny, the daily lies, and migrant children taken from their parents and put in child jails. And with that information we have to think back to the first major elected official who gave a public stamp of approval. Yes I’m saying Christie deserves much of the blame. Furthermore,  Christie was fired from the transition team and his binders of ideas were thrown in the trash, proving he was a fool. But worse than that, it was irresponsible to endorse him. He could have said no but instead he wanted the opportunity to “make Trump better?”   And since he claims to know him so well, his actions are even more egregious because he obviously knows about the bankruptcies, stiffing contractors, the lies about Muslims celebrating after 9/11 in New Jersey, the housing discrimination, and what Trump did to those kids in the Central Park Five case.

Furthermore, at the Republican national convention, Chris Christie gave a presentation that he would label political theatre but was actually a moment of paranoia, misogyny, and bitter partisan anger.  Christie went right along with the infamous “Lock her Up” chants at the convention. And him being a former prosecutor, and standing on stage shouting “she’s guilty” was beyond the pale. There was no proof of criminal activity and Christie knew it.  Secretary Clinton didn’t deserve that kind of public scorn rooted in hatred and fear. And American women should not have had to endure watching such a vitriolic spectacle targeted at the first woman to win a party’s nomination for President.

Chris Christie told Joy Behar on the View that if he had not joined Trump’s transition team, she would be even more sad. Nah, he doesn’t get to play the, “Oh it would be way  worse if I had not jumped in to help” routine.  Really, it would be worse? And besides, Joy Behar isn’t the one who is sad. The children, ages 1,3, 5, 8 and beyond who are in child jails at the border or other facilities because the Trump administration doesn’t want to put in the effort to find their parents, they are the ones crying and Chris Christie needs to atone.